DTS Ukhrul from July 1 till December 3 2019

poster ywam Ukhrul  DTS from Jul 1 till December 3 2019

5 – 6 months YWAM – DTS (Discipleship Training School)
Next DTS starts July 1 till December 3 – 2019
Consider it prayerfully to join us as a student or a staff !

“YWAM DTS Ukhrul is committed to train, inspire, revive and release followers of Jesus Christ to reach the unreached.”

 2 phases.

  • 3 months lecture. (each week another speaker and a different topic)
  • 10 weeks outreach. (locations inside and outside of NE-India or God willing maybe even outside India)

 Lecture topics include:

  1. Nature and character of God.
  2. Sin and repentance.
  3. Hearing God’s voice.
  4. Faith and finances.
  5. Father heart of God.
  6. Holy Spirit / spiritual warfare.
  7. Submission and authority / discipleship.
  8. Destiny by design.
  9. Evangelism and spiritual gifts.
  10. Relationship.
  11. Biblical worldview.
  12. Missions in today’s world.


YWAM Ukhrul DTS includes 10 weeks of outreach (visiting at least 2 different locations inside or outside of India) It will be a time to practice what you have learned during the lecture phase. You’ll be stretched and challenged in your relationship with God and others like never before and you’re guaranteed to have many opportunities to see others coming to know God as well.

Who is welcome?

  • Anyone age 18 year and above who believes in Jesus Christ.
  • Anyone who wants to know God deeply.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make God known!
  • Anyone who is able to understand English.

 What is the focus of the school?

  • We focus on heart transformation not on head knowledge!

 What is the goal of the school?

  • To train, motivate and revive the body of Christ.
  • To reach the unreached and to disciple unbelievers.
  • To launch new holistic ministries among the most unreached people groups in the most unreached areas of the world.


School fees are 25,000 Indian Rupees fees. (Equal to 350 Euro or 400 US Dollar)

This amount will cover your stay, housing, food and travel money during your lecture phase and outreach. It does not include your personal expenses nor your fair to come here and go back home after the school! (If you decide to go on outreach to an other nation there will be additional fees according to the destination, you can prayerfully consider coming with a passport if you have a heart to serve in other nations)

  • You are requested to pay at least 50% on arrival.
  • Your fees have to be completed before going on outreach!

At the end of this short term training students receive a certificate allowing them to go for further training in the University of the Nations (UofN) http://www.uofn.edu/ or to serve in YWAM as a staff.

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