About YWAM Ukhrul DTS vision and mission statement

YWAM Ukhrul DTS vision and mission statement

YWAM Ukhrul DTS vision and mission statement

YWAM Ukhrul DTS vision statement.

“To revive the Tangkhul community and reach the Yadav and other unreached people groups of India, surrounding nations, till the ends of the earth.”

The story behind our vision statement:

The Gospel came to the Tangkhul tribe in the year 1901 when William and Alice Pettigrew arrived. 5 years later, in 1906, 12 Tangkhuls accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and were baptized. The number of believers grew rapidly and became a powerful movement. From within Ukhrul many went to bring the Gospel to the people in the surrounding villages and beyond. No sacrifice was too great for these first generation believers what made them very effective in bringing the Gospel to their fellow Tangkhuls and other tribes across Manipur. It’s an amazing story how God transformed head hunters into real followers of Jesus Christ and peacemakers for God.

Sad to say but today this amazing story is not more than a historical fact. Today’s church in Ukhrul district has lost its passion for evangelism and missions. YWAM Ukhrul DTS sees it as its privilege to make efforts to revive God’s passion for the unreached people of this world in the body of Christ in Manipur and beyond.

Therefore we made the following mission statement believing that when we do our part God will do His part.

YWAM Ukhrul DTS mission statement.

“YWAM DTS Ukhrul is committed to train, inspire, revive and release followers of Jesus Christ to reach the unreached.”